Hobbit House 3D Rendering

Frodo comes home to find his uncle is no longer there. He left him with a mysterious envelope...

Random Mushroom

Silly mushroom made while getting to know Blender.

Flame Animation

Frame-by-frame animation of a flame, terribly exported (oops)...

Having fun in Unity

Experimenting with shaders and low poly models in Unity.


Logo for Vegadventure, supplier of yummy vegan goods.


Logo for Purely, supplier of exclusive spices from Madagascar.

Bongo Cat Plush Toy

My first self-made plush, Hurray! Thanks to Teacup Lion's sewing pattern.

Season Villagers

Sketches of animal characters inspired by LEGO.

Baby Lego Unicorns

Had fun with building animals with as little parts as possible. Here are some Unicorns.

Slimy Villains


This is a small part of a moving storyboard animation. I made storyboards to help with the direction of the animation.

Pancake the Pug Storyboard

The epic story of Pancake the Pug, and his quest for delicious cookies.

I made sketches and storyboards for a story inspired by a Roald Dahl story. This is a quick sketch for the cover of the story.

This storyboard starts right after an old women comes across a stray cat in the pouring rain and brings it home.

After washing the poor cat, the women leaves the cat to explorer her new home.

She soon discovers some fellow cats, how nice!

But they sit so still... Time for some water.

The cat takes a closer look at her new friend. The stuffed cat stares into space. The stray's vision turns black.

The Stray

Part of a storyboard about a stray cat that gets taken in a "sweet" old lady.

Tichu King

Sketch of the Tichu King. Tichu is a cardgame that includes special cards; Dog, Dragon, Mah Jong and Phoenix.

Mr. Twit

Mr. Twit from the humorous childrens book "The Twits" , by Roald Dahl.

Turanga Leela Sketch

Sketch of a "realistic" Leela from Futurama.

Random Item/Icon Sketches

Some quick sketches I did for items/icons in a game.

Evil Newborn

Just some scribble.

Vampire Hunter

Character sketch.

Strawberry Tigers

Strawberry tiger collage made with acrylics and magazine cutouts.

Turanga Leela

Style interpretation on my favorite Futurama character; Turanga Leela.

Image made for the invitation to the 16th birthday party of Little Chicken. Hurray!

Sweet 16

Some sweet, sweet, sweet 16 party pixel art.