Icy Dusk

Some frosty landscape sketching.

Lord Cervus

A strong, persuasive leader with dangerous antlers that could hurt.

Thumbnail sketches where I explored how I could make the antlers look like weapons.
I designed this character for a short story I made. Noa is the protagonist of the story, which is why I gave him elements like blue clothing and softer shapes than his counterpart Andor. Some thumbnail sketches for Noa's profile, trying several outfits. Andor is the antagonist of the story, which is why I gave him elements like red clothing and pointier shapes than his counterpart Noa.

Noa and Andor

Good guy and bad guy designs for self written story.

Game Show Character Designs

Concepts for four wacky game show characters.

The Witch's Tree House

Concept art for a witch's house up in the trees.

Octokitty will grow and change shape if the owner takes good care of it. These are it's different stages. The pet can also be dressed up.


Octokitty is a virtual pet that grows when you take good care of him.

Canabal Cutie

Hungry hungry canabal is very cute!

Shiba Pup

After a tragic accident at the vet this Shiba pup still lives to howl the tale.

Tiny Terrors

Experiments with Rorschach inkblots to make spooky, scary monsters.

This project was for a book that teaches children how to fix a broken turtle.

Here are a few pages of the prototype and sketches. The book unfolds, showing the steps one by one, and because the children turn the page, they see the result directly in the middle of the book, because the turtle is always in the center.

The turtle will turn his head to the step that should be taken.

If there's a wheel, there's a way.

How to fix your broken turtle!

These characters were made for a board game that I designed. The game revolved around the predators having to devour the prey in order to win, while the prey needed to take care of their young and stay safe from the predators to win. The predator would win if it could devour 5 young from the prey. The prey had to collect resources on the board to survive, such as food and shelter. If the prey collected enough resources, they would win. This is an early concept sketch. Sketches for the different characters.

Predators and Prey

Five animal illustrations inspired by Japanese art.

Game Show Contestants

Four wacky game show contestant characters.

Little Sis Storyboard

A brother who loves his little sis, but accidentally causes her early and tragic death...

Ugly goes to the bone

Beauty is only skin deep, ugly goes to the bone.

Timmy and Tommy

Brave timmy and fearful tommy, just two brothers.

Sam Gamgee

Sam from The Lord of the Rings, the true hero of the story.

His favorite things in the world are his sidekick Snot, the mutated dog, snails and his collection of fungi.

Dirty Damien

Damien has love for all that is gross and unusual.

I made these figurines for the board game so people could play with figures that looked like my designs. The plan was to also produce a board with physical resources the prey need to find to survive, so that in the end, the board game would become almost a toy rather than a flat board game. We found that the children liked it more to play with clay figurines than paper or cardboard figures.

Predators and Prey; but with Clay!

Figurines made with clay and acrylics.

I wanted to try and give a spin on the classic Harry Potter characters. I asked myself: What would futuristic wizards look like? I took some inspiration from classic Japanese robots in anime, such as Voltron.

Harry Potter Sketches

Thumbnail sketches for futuristic themed Harry Potter characters.

Never let me go

Illustration inspired by the novel Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro.


Illustration about the influence of television.